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EuDAP Database

It is a platform to learn from each other to work even better for the shared vision of the European Region in which the negative impacts of preventable diet-related NCDs and malnutrition in all its forms have been dramatically reduced, and all citizens have healthier diets throughout their lives.

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Meta-analysis of Scientific Articles about Vitamin D Impact on Female Body - aimed at analysis...

 2018 EuDAP Report /  Lithuania / 103 views

Project challenges the problems of currently neglected and undeveloped opportunities of the Mediterranean Diet. The...

 2018 EuDAP Report /  International / 118 views

Education of health workers on maternal, infant and young child nutrition, and quality healthcare related...

 2018 EuDAP Report /  Ireland / 97 views

Public Health Initiative "how to supplement Vitamin D", short presentation during public day at hospital

 2018 EuDAP Report /  Germany / 102 views

Problem: sustainable nutrition [see the link to video below]

 2018 EuDAP Report /  Switzerland / 194 views

Problem: - appropriate dietetic referral - recognition of malnutrition - recognition of refeeding syndrome -...

 2018 EuDAP Report /  United Kingdom / 105 views

Title: Identification of multifactorial links in cancer pathogenesis Actions: I tried to identify lifestyle risk...

 2018 EuDAP Report /  Romania / 81 views

Community health center in Ghent, a city in Belgium. The center is located in an...

 2018 EuDAP Report /  Belgium / 154 views

Consultancy to 2nd Global Nutrition Policy Review 2019 on Health Education Nutrition Policy

 2018 EuDAP Report /  The Netherlands / 112 views

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