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Public Health initiative Workshops at

 Luxembourg / 330 views

Like every year, Cambiando Stile adhered to the Dietitian Week promoted by ANDID, .  In...

 Italy / 418 views

Follow up of the Feel4Diabetes Study. (clinical assessments, anthropometric measurements and database cleaning) Promote a...

 Greece / 285 views

Ensuring that dietitians/nutritionist can collect data which is relevant for the outcome research and nutritional...

 Norway / 482 views

Clinical research: "interest of the inulin respiratory test in the diagnosis of microbial proliferation in...

 France / 286 views

Evaluation of quality of life of individuals with irritable bowel syndrome: A Qualitative Research

 Turkey / 310 views

Consultancy to 2nd Global Nutrition Policy Review 2019 on Health Education Nutrition Policy

 The Netherlands / 322 views

Title: Identification of multifactorial links in cancer pathogenesis Actions: I tried to identify lifestyle risk...

 Romania / 298 views

Norwegian Association of clinical dietitians affliated with the Association of resaerch workers (KEFF) is invited...

 Norway / 442 views

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