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26th ENDietS Webinar- The Role of Sugar at Breakfast on Health and Appetite

 2019 EuDAP Report / by admin / 417 views

There is currently much media hype surrounding the role of sugar in health and appetite. Public health bodies have targeted breakfast as one of the meals that can be altered to reduce sugar intake. The aim of these messages is to reduce energy and sugar intake, and swap sugar for a more satiating macronutrient. However, to our knowledge, no studies have directly examined whether high sugar breakfasts disrupt appetite or cause health problems in free-living settings. This webinar will discuss our latest research directly testing this theory. Underlying physiological and psychological theories as to how sugar intake (particularly in the morning) may affect health and appetite will be discussed, with the aim of demonstrating that its effects are far more complex than the media may portray.

Info on the speaker: Harriet Carroll is a Research Associate at the University of Bristol (UK), focusing on dietary patterns and cardiometabolic health in Malaysian adolescents. She has recently completed her PhD at the University of Bath focusing on nutrition and metabolism. Harriet’s primary research interests are the role of (i) water intake and hydration status, and (ii) sugar at breakfast on glycaemic regulation, health, and appetite control.

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