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EuDAP Database

It is a platform to learn from each other to work even better for the shared vision of the European Region in which the negative impacts of preventable diet-related NCDs and malnutrition in all its forms have been dramatically reduced, and all citizens have healthier diets throughout their lives.

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Dietitians are the clinical nutrition experts. Highly qualified and legally regulated, they are the only...

631 views / Popular

Training course for health staff (doctors and others) on dysphagia, the elderly and undernutrition. Results:...

 Switzerland / 415 views

A multi-stakeholder initiative to promote screening for risk of disease-related malnutrition/undernutrition and implement nutritional care...

 International / 472 views

A public health initative called Food And Cancer, which aims to increase the knowledge about...

 Sweden / 472 views

Public Health Initiative "how to supplement Vitamin D", short presentation during public day at hospital

 Germany / 379 views

Non alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a complex and multifactorial disease, it’s pathogenesis is...

 Turkey / 382 views

IMPROVEMENT OF THE MANAGEMENT IN INTENSIVE CARE UNITS - optimization of nutritional ointment for kidney...

 France / 373 views

British Dietetic Association Critical Care Specialist Group has published new guidance on the management of...

 United Kingdom / 350 views

Evaluation of quality of life of individuals with irritable bowel syndrome: A Qualitative Research

 Turkey / 376 views

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