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Game-based online programme to increase nutrition knowledge and diet quality

 2018 EuDAP Report / by admin / 411 views

Doctoral research. The research aimed to increase nutrition knowledge and diet quality among university students using a game-based online programme.

Create and evaluate an online game-based educational programme to increase awareness and help students follow a healthy diet. Undertaking a systematic review of systematic reviews of the literature highlighting the effectiveness of existing types of interventions and gaps in research. Conducting a cross-sectional study to address gaps in nutritional knowledge of students and factors affecting their level of knowledge.

  • Listing ID: 378
  • National Dietetic Association: UNITED KINGDOM - The British Dietetic Association
  • EFAD Education Associate Member: none or other than from the list
  • EuDAP key objectives: Objective 2. Promote the gains of a healthy diet and nutritional support throughout the life course
  • Target audience: Children and Adolescents, Other
  • Type: Research, Digital tool
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