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Identification of multifactorial links in cancer pathogenesis

 2018 EuDAP Report / by admin / 452 views

Title: Identification of multifactorial links in cancer pathogenesis

Actions: I tried to identify lifestyle risk factors, including nutritional status, correlated with the personality traits of the 35 oncological patients included in the studied group. In fact, the aim of the initial research was achieved by the elaboration of the license work from the end of the 3 years of studies.

Results: Poor nutritional status, both quantitative and especially qualitative, due to either the poor financial situation, the level of education, single-parent families, domicile in rural areas, difficult access to medical counseling services and a family history of illness have resulted as factors of cancer risk. Personality traits seem to play an important role in compliance with the recommendations received.
The evaluation was performed with a multifactorial lifestyle questionnaire, divided into nine size and category specific dietary questionnaire was divided into five categories of drinks, food and dietary supplements, retrospectively for the last 12 months. The obtained data were correlated with the valid assessment of psychological personality traits built in the Big Five model.

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  • National Dietetic Association: ROMANIA - Romanian Nutrition and Dietetic Association, Asociatia Romana de Nutritie si Dietetica
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  • EuDAP key objectives: Objective 2. Promote the gains of a healthy diet and nutritional support throughout the life course
  • Target audience: Health professionals, General Public, Special Groups, Senior Citizens
  • Type: Research
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