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Infographic educational guide for Type 1 Diabetes

 2018 EuDAP Report / by admin / 498 views

Development and Designing of a national infographic educational guide for Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) to promote education and self-management in children, adolescents with T1D as well as their families. In this project I had the privilege and the opportunity to work as a lead dietitian and liaise with policy makers, infographic specialists, pediatric nurses, pedo-endocrinologists and with study groups of care givers and parents-families.


T1D educational services in Greece are mainly based and delivered by the tertiary health services in major general hospitals. Due to the big case load of patients combined with the cost cutting policy of the last eight years austerity measures T1D educational services have been compressed in consultation duration time and follow up availability. In addition, despite the fact that Greek education institutions like the NKUA have academic post grad courses in diabetes and obesity there has not yet been a national policy for a dedicated training course for diabetes educators. However, there are Hellenic scientific associations that are actively participate in the education of health care professionals that are involved in diabetes education. In this context the Hellenic Pediatric Nursing Association in conjunction with the Panhellenic Juvenile Diabetes Union under the shield of the NKUA run the project for the development of a new patient centered infographic guide that can be used in the education of T1D.


The big challenge of this project was to transform all the complicated science of the pathophysiology of diabetes combined with the current literature guidelines to simple but not simplified info and put it into a new design of communication that is called infographic without losing fundamental principles of T1D education. In order to interpret this task we had to find a communication code between infographic designers, RNs, MDs, academic staff and patients. To achieve this In the first phase of the project we run a number of different study groups that lasted six months. During the second and final phase we attached the scientific material of the guide with the infographic under focus groups with design experts.


Since the T1D education infographic guide has been out for almost a year we have not yet completed the evaluation process. However, the feedback we have so far regarding the effect of the use of this education infographic on the self-management of T1D patients are promising when are combined with the use of the current technological equipment for the management of T1D.

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  • EuDAP key objectives: Objective 2. Promote the gains of a healthy diet and nutritional support throughout the life course, Objective 3. Use dietitians as educators and experts in the community and clinical settings, Objective 4. Invest in establishing the effectiveness of dietitians, Objective 5. Strengthen governance, alliances and networks
  • Target audience: Health professionals, Children and Adolescents, Parents, Educators, Policy Makers, Employees, Industry
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