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Nutrition assessment 4 elderly PLUS PLUS

 2018 EuDAP Report / by admin / 468 views

Nutrition assessment 4 elderly PLUS PLUS = with Handgrip/Vigorimeter, Abneigungen, Allergien, mit altersreferenziertem BMI nach Diagnosen/ICD-10 >> Berechnungen Energie/Proteinbedar

Problem: Since MNA is NOT age appropriate – correction by age referencing. Malnutrition and strength / loss of strength / gain in correlation

  • Listing ID: 256
  • National Dietetic Association: SWITZERLAND - Swiss Associaton of Registered Dietitians, Schweizerischer Verband diplomierter Ernährungsberater/innen
  • EFAD Education Associate Member: SWITZERLAND -Bern University of Applied Sciences
  • EuDAP key objectives: Objective 2. Promote the gains of a healthy diet and nutritional support throughout the life course, Objective 4. Invest in establishing the effectiveness of dietitians
  • Target audience: Senior Citizens
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Lauven Carlo Eugen Maria, FoodteamSwitzerland *****

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