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Pre-hab - nutrition support

 2018 EuDAP Report / by admin / 497 views

Pre-hab – nutrition support alongside low intensity resistance exercise in malnourished people referred for pulmonary rehabilitation.

Trying to work with physiotherapists to put nutrition support alongside low intensity resistance exercise to attempt to increase muscle mass not just weight.

Goal: To assess whether dietitian led nutrition support alongside low intensity exercise provided by physiotherapists, in malnourished people referred to pulmonary rehabiliation (pre-hab) leads to an improvement in outcomes. Outcomes will include:- Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST) scores, intakes of kcal and protein, weight, BMI, FFM, FM, Mid Upper Arm Circumference, Triceps Skinfold, Mid arm muscle circumference, calf circumference, quality of life, CAT scores, handgrip strength and sit to stand.

  • Listing ID: 257
  • National Dietetic Association: UNITED KINGDOM - The British Dietetic Association
  • EFAD Education Associate Member: none or other than from the list
  • EuDAP key objectives: Objective 4. Invest in establishing the effectiveness of dietitians
  • Target audience: Health professionals, Special Groups, Policy Makers, Local Community

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